Welcome to Sulcata Grove LLC! 

A 2 acre edible landscape of subtropical, and tropical fruit trees located in beautiful Sarasota, Florida. 

We are still open and offer driveway pickup and delivery
  • Grafted Fruit Trees
  • Banana Plants and Passion Fruit Vines
  • Seasonal Tropical Fruit
  • Raw Organic Honey
  • Organic, Soy Free, Pastured Eggs
You can view our current Fruit Tree availability here and our Fruit, Egg, and Honey availability here 
We love sharing our passion for tropical fruit and backyard homesteading with others and offer yard tours and edible landscaping consultations during certain times of the year

We post recipes and information about growing various fruit trees on our Articles page

(backyard organic tropical fruit farm and edible landscape in Sarasota, Florida with mangos, avocados, passion fruits, bananas, ice cream bean, and more on our permaculture homestead with backyard chickens and honeybees, farmstay, raw honey, pastured eggs, beyond organic fruit))